Nice to e-meet you
Org Design consultant, LeSS & Kanban Coach,
Professional Scrum Master, Team Coach, Mentor
My name is Denis Salnikov and I am an Organisational Design consultant & LeSS Coach based in Krakow, Poland.

My agile journey started back in 2014 in Russia.
Since then, I have managed to work and live
in four different countries. I sincerely believe that
my expat lifestyle helps me to further develop myself
not only as a person but as a professional too.
Kicked-off and brought to a high level of maturity and self-organization
Around the globe where I have already provided my services
Total duration of provided training classes and facilitated events

My services

Organisational Design consulting
Wherever you are right now in your Agile journey, you will always benefit from having a piece of unbiased advice from an external expert. I am enthusiastic about working with Agile fresh-starters, companies feeling the need for transformational efforts and those who are still in doubt.
Corporate Trainings
I am always ready to provide corporate classes on Scrum, Kanban, LeSS (Large Scaled Scrum), Systems Thinking and Facilitation. My portfolio includes Advanced classes and the option of designing custom educational programmes tailored to your specific needs.
Coaching & Mentoring
For any change initiative to succeed, it is crucial to create an internal reinforcing structure and expertise. I can help your Leaders (Management, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, etc.) in gaining fit-for-purpose skills to ensure a sustainable culture via Coaching and Mentoring.
Facilitation (Online & Offline)
Strategic activities and big group meetings are beneficial to any business but easily turn into a mess without sufficient preparation, proper design and facilitation.
I will be happy to help you with designing and facilitating efficient outcome-oriented meetings both online and offline.
Making companies and their employees more successful while improving a company culture - that is what agility is about for me.
So far I was lucky to work with
Vladimir Tatarinov
Chief Technical Officer @ Exness
We have worked closely with Denis Salnikov through a very intense period for our company. What was started with two pilot Scrum teams has later turned into a full-scale company transformation resulting in the LeSS setup of seven teams. Denis has not only introduced the change but helped us to make it sustainable.
Mona Lau
Product Owner @ smava GmbH
As an Agile Coach, Denis managed to improve our Scrum rituals and team's velocity and effectiveness in a very short time span. He inspired me and ignited my passion for Agile all over again. I can honestly say that this has been the best Product Owner - Agile Coach experience in my professional career.
Claudio Cicali
Tech Lead @ N26
When Denis joined our team, we were for sure lacking some guidance. Denis embraced the challenge and helped us perform at our best, making everybody in the team proud to be part of it. With his guidance we defined and shaped our Scrum implementation to achieve a pleasant, conflict-less and efficient work pace.
This is how I work
Getting in touch
If you don't mind having an online call, that will cost you nothing. Otherwise, I will ask you to cover my travel expenses.
Identifying needs
We meet to identify your current situation and come to a shared understanding of the request.
I meet your employees and perform an audit of the current state. It takes a few weeks and is billed on an hourly rate basis.
Fit for purpose
Having the baseline in place, we revisit the request and decide if my skills and expertise are fit-for-purpose.
My learning path
I sincerely believe in the importance of continuous learning and professional development. I try to enrich my knowledge, toolbox and expertise learning from the best experts and institutions recognised in the industry.