I am Denis Salnikov, the Agile Expat founder.

My mission is to help Product company leaders and employees
to enable the achievement of sustainable agility for their businesses.

Agile Expat provides Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring and Educational services on various agile practices & tools with an emphasis on the importance of Critical and Systems Thinking.

My primary focus is helping Product startups going through Product-Market Fit and Growth stages but I am always happy to collaborate with established companies and scale-ups.
Nice to e-meet you!
IC Agile Authorized Instructor | Candidate LeSS Trainer Organizational Design Consultant | LeSS & Kanban Coach Professional Scrum Master | CMI Team Coach | Mentor
Making companies and their employees more successful by improving their organisational design and culture is the essence of agility for me.
Kicked-off and brought to a high level of maturity and self-organization
Around the globe where I have already provided my services

Total duration of provided training classes and facilitated events

My services

Organisational consulting
Advising established companies and start-ups on their Organisational Design and guiding their journey towards adaptiveness & agility.
Educational programmes
Providing internal corporate education
on Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, OKRs, Systems Thinking and Facilitation adapted to your context.
Coaching & Mentoring
Supporting Management and Agile practitioners
in gaining fit-for-purpose skills to ensure a sustainable change via Coaching and Mentoring.
On-demand Facilitation
Designing and facilitating outcome-oriented events of various size & complexity for your teams and/or management groups
(both online and offline).
So far I was lucky to work with
  • Vladimir Tatarinov
    Chief Technical Officer @ Exness
    We have worked closely with Denis Salnikov through a very intense period for our company. What was started with two pilot Scrum teams has later turned into a full-scale company transformation resulting in the LeSS setup of seven teams. Denis has not only introduced the change but helped us to make it sustainable.
  • Claudio Cicali
    Tech Lead @ N26
    When Denis joined our team, we were for sure lacking some guidance. Denis embraced the challenge and helped us perform at our best, making everybody in the team proud to be part of it. With his guidance we defined and shaped our Scrum implementation to achieve a pleasant, conflict-less and efficient work pace.
  • Mona Lau
    Senior Product Owner @ smava GmbH
    As an Agile Coach, Denis managed to improve our Scrum events and the team's velocity and effectiveness in a very short time span. He inspired me and ignited my passion for Agile all over again. I can honestly say that this has been the best Product Owner - Agile Coach experience in my professional career.
  • Gerben de Graaf
    Engineering Director @ Backbase
    Denis Salnikov demonstrates a highly analytical approach, which aids decision-making and analysis of the process. Denis introduced and supported various improvements across the teams of my department, helped them to identify opportunities for improvements and actively participated in the recruitment effort.
This is how I work
Getting in touch
Having an online call will cost you nothing. Otherwise, I will ask you to cover travel expenses.
Clarifying the request
We meet to identify your current situation and come to a shared understanding of the request.
Auditing the current state
I observe existing ways of working and interview your employees to audit the current state.
Checking fit-for-purpose
Having the baseline, we revisit the request and decide if my skills & expertise are fit-for-purpose.
Get in touch
Let us get in touch and discuss your request!
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My learning path
I sincerely believe in the importance of continuous improvement and professional development. I try to enrich my knowledge, toolbox and expertise learning from the best experts and institutions recognised in the industry.
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